My Skin Is
My Skin Is



Hello! I want to introduce myself. My name is Kiki Pertesis and I own a spa in Poughkeepsie NY called The Little Owl Spa. I am skin care obsessed, an esthetician of 15 years, massage therapist, spa owner,  singer-songwriter and mom of 2 girls with a baby boy on the way. 

Since self-healing my acne condition since 2009, it has been my goal, my dream, my intention to help one person at a time attain their skin care goals.  The Little Owl Spa started out very small. My goal was to see 10 clients a week. Currently my little nest is serving over 45 clients weekly and will be expanding to a location 3xs the size next spring.  Little by little, through word of mouth and online reviews, I have been able to help many treat their acne conditions, dry skin, redness and irritation. 

My philosophy is very simple when is comes to the skin:  LESS IS MORE"

I don't: over manipulate the skin, use too many products, use anything with fragrance, over steam, over exfoliate, over treat or extract clogged pores or breakouts that are not ready. I encourage people not to touch, pick, look, judge and examine their skin.

My slogan is "love your skin no matter what." because my journey in self-love has been part of my skin healing. I used to be so angry at my skin when I had acne. I over picked it aggressively, over exfoliated and constantly washed it. Finally, in one of my lowest moments,  my boyfriend at the time, who is an expert in the science behind the use of the mind and the mind-body connection, told me to stop using everything and just love my skin. He told me to rinse it with water and touch it lovingly feeling as if the water is washing away my blemishes. Something clicked in me and I listened to his advice.   I started to treat it gently, to truly embrace it lovingly when I rinsed with water and miraculously my skin cleared. Self-love and compassion was the beginning of my skin healing journey. 

Once I cured my acne with my new found philosophy, I had to find the science to back it up.  I started to look into why the skin care techniques taught in aesthetic school made my skin so irritated.  I researched skin science and gained a very scientific understanding of skin biology and chemistry. I also found a few other like-minded experts such as Paula Begoun who shared much of her scientific research on product formulation in her published books, "Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter without me".

After working directly with hundreds of clients and building case studies with multiple acne, rosacea and sensitive skin types and treatments, I have an even clearer idea on how to assist others in battling their skin frustrations. 

My hope is to change your life through your largest organ, your skin.

With so much love and appreciation,